Saturday, August 5, 2017

Extending Pre-orders for Kickstarter rewards


I received numerous emails from people that either kickstarter could not process their credit cards or missed the kickstarter deadline but were still interested in the kickstarter offer.

I'll be giving the opportunity to get the almost the same low prices as in kickstarter for a few reward options. The prices will be a few dollars higher to accommodate for the paypal fees.

THIS OFFER is only valid for pre-orders THROUGHOUT AUGUST!!

You have two options to choose from:

a. AMC1280USB Basic (price $205)
b. AMC1280USB Deluxe (price $290)

The shipping fees will be either $25 international or $10 for USA. If you wish Priority with Tracking for International shipping the shipping fees are $55 (let me know in the email).

The estimated delivery for these pre-orders will be same as the ones for kickstarter.

To place your pre-order now, email me " tronicgr @ gmail .com" (without the spaces), with subject line "pre-order AMC1280USB Basic" or "pre-order AMC1280USB Deluxe" and I'll send you a Paypal Invoice for the order. Don't forget to include your shipping address to sent you the invoice with correct shipping fees.

Thanks everyone for making it possible for this project to evolve and improve. Your support will make it even better.

AMC1280USB Deluxe - Kickstarter Prototype



  1. Hi, Thanos !
    Still possible to preorder ?
    Regards from Norway

  2. Hi Espen,

    Contact me on my email. I might have some extra ones left for pre-order offer prices.


  3. OK, so I also missed this and would like the deluxe unit. How will I get one now?